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Bethlehem Revitalization & Improvement Authority (BRIA)

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BRIA Meetings are planned for the 1st and 3rd Thursday of every month.  

The BRIA meetings scheduled for June 20th and July 4, 2024 have been canceled.

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All qualified businesses, including construction contractors, within a CRIZ must complete annual state and local tax reports by June 15 each year so the Department of Revenue and local tax authority may certify the amount of taxes to be transferred to the CRIZ Fund.



The CRIZ consists of 130 acres of parcels designated for economic development and job creation within the City of Bethlehem. State and local taxes collected within the CRIZ will be used to repay debt service to stimulate economic development projects within the zone. Bonds will be issued by the Bethlehem Revitalization and Improvement Zone Authority (BRIA), which will then be paid off using various State and Local Tax Revenues created in the zone. The focus of this program is to spur new growth, by enhancing development opportunities that will help to revive Bethlehem and create new jobs for the residents of the City. 

The parcels included in the CRIZ include vacant, desolate, underutilized, and abandoned properties that are ready for redevelopment. These developments will help to create jobs, increase personal income, grow local and state tax revenues, and improve the overall quality of living for residents.  Potential CRIZ projects include the redevelopment of Martin Tower and adjacent parcels, the redevelopment of Bethlehem Steel Machine Shop NO. 2, Majestic’s Bethlehem Technology Facility, and various developments along W. 3rd and W. 4th Streets on the Southside.

The CRIZ is administered by the Bethlehem Revitalization and Improvement Zone Authority (BRIA).


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Bethlehem Revitalization & Improvement Authority (BRIA)

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